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September 5, 2022

Request for CVs: Lead Consultant for Women SME Innovation Programme

Background to the Assignment

The Ghana Enterprises Agency in partnership with the German Cooperation's 'Invest for Jobs' (an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), is implementing a Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize for Jobs.

The project seeks to provide capacity-building to women-owned/led SMEs on different aspects of digitalization and how their companies can grow from its use and increase their process efficiency and competitiveness by providing access to knowledge, digital tools, and expertise in the field of digitalization and innovation management challenges. It will Create a digitalized business environment conducive to the rapid growth of SMEs in Ghana, this will ensure that they are creating jobs after the program.

Objectives of the Assignment

The main objective of this assignment is to lead the Project Implementation and Coordination of the “Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize for Jobs” from a technical perspective. The Lead Digital Consultant plays a key role in the successful implementation of the Project and quality assurance of the Project:

The Consultant will:

  • Advise on the initial project design and structure including the definition of the target group, eligibility criteria, selection process, etc.
  • Oversee the day-to-day project implementation and coordinate the project goals
  • Coordinate the different stakeholders and subcontractors involved and ensure that the assignments/deliverables meet the agreed requirements
  • Provide technical advice on the digitalization of SMEs to GEA and all relevant partners whenever needed.
  • Support the screening and selection process, oversees the training of the target SMEs, the customization of digital software solutions, and further support measures of the Project.
  • Provide (technical) administration and management of the Project,
  • Support the regular progress updates and final reporting as well as Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project impacts.
  • Support all communication-related tasks of the Project. He/she will advise on the optimal means of communication channels to reach the target SMEs, support the development of communication material and coordinate PR and media-related activities.
  • Support GEA Officers in the smooth logistical preparation and required administrative tasks of the Project.
  • Support the development of appropriate structures to ensure the sustainability of the intervention.

Project Deliverables

The expected deliverables for this Project will include.

  1. Inception report outlining the methodology and implementation approach of the entire Project.
  2. Project Charter which will have key sections on:
    • Stakeholder map and framework for engagement
    • Understanding of the scope, objectives, and activities of the project
    • Detailed time schedules for the implementation of the tasks: Workplan and Gantt Chart
  1. Regular (monthly) progress updates
  2. A logical framework for Monitoring and Evaluation
  3. Sustainability framework
  4. A comprehensive list of Beneficiaries and Support received
  5. Final report

Duration of the Project

The assignment is expected to be concluded over a period of up to 100 working days within a 6-month time frame from the date of commencement to the date of reporting. The Lead Consultant supports the project full-time in the implementation.

The consultant must be available for regular meetings with GEA and the Funding Partner to discuss the progress of work and further planning.

Reporting Requirement

Consultant shall act under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of GEA or an appointed Representative and report to the Project Coordinator. The Consultant shall be expected to provide periodic (monthly) reports on activities to the Chief Executive Officer of GEA.

Selection Guidelines and Requirements

  • This is an open and competitive process.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Degree in business administration, business management, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Marketing, Planning, Entrepreneurship, or related fields or in Computer Science / Information Technology, Digitalisation, or related fields
  2. Minimum 4 years experience in IT Project Management and similar assignments including Project Design and Structuring
  3. Demonstrated capacity to deploy a full-time experienced cross-functional team of experts in project design and structuring and managing relationships with multiple stakeholders.
  4. Demonstrated experience and qualifications in SME development and digitalization in general
  5. Demonstrated experience in the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, particularly with Open-Source solutions
  6. Excellent knowledge of the Ghanaian SME landscape as well as digitalization of SMEs
  7. Excellent research, analytical, communication, and writing skills
  8. Excellent teamwork and participatory process skills

Submission of CV

The CV shall be submitted by 12:00 pm/noon (GMT) on Monday, September 12, 2022, in a sealed envelope delivered to Procurement Officer, GEA, and be clearly marked "CV for Lead Digital Consultant for Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize For Jobs (D4J)"

Applicants may obtain further information on the requirements including the criteria of shortlisting by applying to, during office hours.

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