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Youth and Social Networks

This pillar focuses on providing participants with training to shift their mindset to become entrepreneurs and be empowered enough to lead in their communities and businesses. It also provides entrepreneurship training to all those with technical skills, those about to learn a technical skill, and those who want to transition into starting their businesses. It also allows those who have businesses to be trained in Small Business Management to equip them with the requisite skills to scale their businesses. The components under this pillar are: (i) Apprenticeship to Entrepreneurship training (A2E), (ii) Agric and Agribusiness to Entrepreneurship (AA2E), and (iii) MSME Business Acceleration (MBA). Through mentoring and coaching, participants will be paired with seasoned entrepreneurs nationwide who will guide them to successfully start and or grow their businesses.

▪ Apprenticeship to Entrepreneurship (A2E)
This component equips participants with technical/vocational skills, mindset shift, entrepreneurial skills training and start-up kits.

▪ Agric and Agribusiness to Entrepreneurship (AA2E)
This component provides competency-based training with Farm Institutes, agricultural colleges, etc., mindset shift and entrepreneurial skills training, and start-up kits.

▪ MSME Business Acceleration (MBA)
This component is aimed at fast-tracking the growth of existing women-owned/led businesses through Kaizen and addressing barriers related to access to market and regulatory support.

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