Enhancing Sustainable


UNIDO is supporting GEA to improve enterprise performance using Kaizen and UNIDO’s Smart and Sustainable Agribusiness (SSAB)
The overall objective of the project is focused on enhancing the productivity, sustainability, and competitiveness of Ghanaian MSMEs and agri-business enterprises through scaling up Kaizen initiatives and SSAB.

Who Can Benefit

Registered Businesses

Legally registered business in Ghana​


Business in manufacturing and agri-business sector​


Ongoing business with production facilities​

Leadership Buy-in

Commitment from the top management

Kaizen/SSAB Officer

Readiness to assign focal person for Kaizen and/or SSAB​

Data disclosure​

Readiness to assign focal person for Kaizen and/or SSAB​

How to Apply

Step 1

Click on the application link to start with your application

Step 2

Fill out each section of the form (enterprise information, information on productivity, resource efficiency etc.)​

Step 3

Submit the application before: 30/April/2023

The application will take approximately 30 minutes to fill.

Next Step

Are you ready to register for the Project for Expanding the Kaizen Initiative by Enhancing Sustainable Agri-business? 
Start Application
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