Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Coronavirus Alleviation Programme Business Support Sceheme (CAP BuSS)

I received an Anidasuo loan under CAPBuSS and I have been notified for repayment.
How do I repay my loan?

a. You can pay through the nearest bank branch you received the loan from.
b. You can pay using the USSD code *365*275#.

I have not been notified to start the repayment, can I still go ahead and pay the loan?

Yes, you can still go ahead and start repayment.

If I can’t use the USSD code can anybody assist?

The following can assist you if you can’t use the USSD code:
a. A family member or a friend
b. Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA) formerly NBSSI BAC office

How do I know my loan repayment has gone through the USSD code?

An SMS message will be sent to your number to confirm a successful or failed payment.

Do I need internet/data to use the USSD to make repayment of my loan?


Does my loan repayment attract e-Levy charges?


Will I qualify for another loan when I complete my Anidasuo loan repayment?

Here is a list of beneficiaries of the CAP BuSS programme
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