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Here, you will find answers to the most pressing questions about Business In A Box (BizBox) Project. Feel free to reach out to us if you require additional information.
About the Business In A Box (BizBox) Project

What is the Business In A Box (BizBox) Project?

The Business in a Box Project is a four-year intervention, a partnership between Mastercard Foundation and Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA), which aims at providing skills development training, mentorship, and coaching to shift the mindsets of the youth to become entrepreneurs and create dignified and fulfilling work (job) opportunities for Ghana’s youth, with a focus on women and persons with disabilities.

How is BizBox different from other GEA initiatives?

Unlike other programs, BizBox offers a holistic support system covering Youth Skills Development, Access to Markets, Start-up Kits, Social Networks, and Institutional Strengthening, Policy, and Regulatory Support. This unique blend of interventions aims to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for young entrepreneurs. By extension, the Youth Skills Development pillar comprises three major components:

Additionally, BizBox does NOT provide funding.

How can I get trained in entrepreneurship and business management through the BizBox Project?

You may apply to any one of the capacity development Components (A2E, AA2E, MBA), all of which include sessions on entrepreneurship and efficient business management as well as mentorship and coaching opportunities with seasoned entrepreneurs across Ghana.

What are the main interventions of the BizBox Project?

The Project is centered around five main pillars: Youth Skills Development, Access to Markets, Access to Startup Kits, Youth and Social Networks, and Institutional Strengthening, Policy, and Regulatory Support. Every pillar is intended to provide you with specific support in a variety of areas during your entrepreneurial journey.

I. Youth Skills Development
Shifting the mind-set of young people to become entrepreneurial and empowered to lead their communities through the provision of capacity development training, mentorship, and coaching.

II. Access to Market
Providing linkages to market opportunities across the globe, boosting sales, and increase revenue generation.

III. Access to Start-up Kits
Providing access to start-up kits for qualifying participants to enable them to start new businesses for job creation.

IV. Youth Social Networks
Creating an opportunity for networking and building strong Business-to-business partnerships that provide support and resources through new and existing social groups, associations, forums, events, and capacity.
development hubs. Women and people with disabilities are the primary target groups.

V. Institutional Strengthening, Policy, and Regulatory Support
The pillar will establish a robust strategy for the National MSME and Entrepreneurship Policy, enforce the Local Economic Development Policy, strengthen the institutional capacity of systems to support GEA's operations, advocate for pro-poor policies, and ensure regulatory compliance for businesses from the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Ghana Standards Authority.

Can anyone apply for any of the different categories of the Project?

The components under Pillar One (1) – Youth Skills Development are the entryway to the other pillars on the project. That is, as applicants progress through the training under Youth Skills Development, qualified applicants receive market linkages, start-up kits, or regulatory support.

However, the criteria to apply for any component of choice is as follows:

A2E and AA2E – The Applicant must be a Ghanaian with focus on women and Persons with Disabilities, who is resident in Ghana and between the ages of 15 and 35 years. Applicants across all the 16 Regions of Ghana are eligible to apply.

MBA - The Applicant must be a Ghanaian (woman) resident in Ghana and the owner of a Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (MSME) located in Ghana. The Applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years. Applicants (female only) across all the 16 Regions of Ghana are eligible to apply.

Who is an SCP?

SCP is an abbreviation for Skilled Craft Person (A Master).

What is the eligibility criterion as a Skilled Craft Person?

Applicant must be a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and owns or controls a Persons with Disability (PWD) - friendly facility or workshop, working materials, and tools for training at least three (3) apprentices.

Will the BizBox Project provide financial support or funding for my startup?

BizBox does NOT provide funds. NO participant will receive funding under this Project. The programme focuses on skill development, mindset shift training, capacity development, mentoring, and coaching with successful participants getting start-up kits.

What sectors are eligible to apply?

The Project primarily focuses on
   a. Agriculture and Agribusiness (50%)
   b. Tourism and Creative Industry (30%)
   c. Building and Construction (10%)
And 10% of other sectors such as baking & confectionery, welding, electricals, and more.

How does the Project help my business connect to a larger market, or to the right market?

The Access to Market component of the Project aims to provide visibility and linkages to local and global market opportunities. Through concept shops, malls, international trade shows, e-commerce, and training on digital marketing, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA).

 Can I apply if I have no educational certification?

All youth (between the ages of 15-35) particularly women and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are welcome to apply. Education is not a criterion.

Do I require a Business Plan to apply for the training?

No, you do not. The training program will equip you to prepare your business plan after completion.

What do I need to apply for the training?

You will need a valid Ghanaian Identity (ID) Card, preferably the Ghana Card to apply for training under the Project. For persons below age 18, Identity (ID) Card of a parent or guardian is required.

Do I need to provide proof of my educational level?

No. You do not need proof of education to apply.

15. How can I register for the Project?

To register, please visit any of GEA’s 210 Business Advisory Centres (BAC) or 37 Business Resource Centre (BRC) across the country to fill out a form. Alternatively, you can visit or call 0302747777

How does the BizBox Project support Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)?

The Project will support 10% or 25,000 of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The Project aims to empower Persons with Disabilities through mindset shift, technical and entrepreneurship training, mentorship and provide them with start-up kits. The Project will also build the capacities of associations of Person with Disabilities (PWDs) to enable them to participate fully in decision-making processes.

How can I ensure that my business complies with regulations and standards?

The Institutional Strengthening, Policy, and Regulatory Support pillar of the Project focuses on providing regulatory support and business formalization through the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), and Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORCs). This ensures that businesses comply and facilitates the registration or certification of products with the relevant bodies.

Can the BizBox Project help me with technology-related skills for my business?

Yes. The Access to Market pillar provides linkages to market opportunities, trains participants on end-user tricks and tips for digital tools, how to onboard e-commerce and social media platforms, and other training on digital marketing technologies. One of the project’s overall objectives is to leverage technological advancement for business acceleration.

How can the BizBox Project help me if I have technical skills or want to transition into starting my own business?

If you have technical skills or want to transition into entrepreneurship, the Youth Skills Development pillar is designed to provide training and support tailored to your needs, enhancing your ability to successfully start, and run your own business.

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