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September 5, 2022

Request for CVs: Communication and PR Consultant for Women SME Innovation Programme

Background to the Assignment

The Ghana Enterprises Agency in partnership with the German Cooperation's 'Invest for Jobs' (an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), is implementing a Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize for Jobs.

The project seeks to provide capacity-building to women-owned/led SMEs on different aspects of digitalization and how their companies can grow from its use and increase their process efficiency and competitiveness by providing access to knowledge, digital tools, and expertise in the field of digitalization and innovation management challenges. It will Create a digitalized business environment conducive to the rapid growth of SMEs in Ghana, this will ensure that they are creating jobs after the program.

Objectives and Task of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to engage an experienced and qualified individual who will help with the development of knowledge management, communication, and public relation strategy for the project and make known to the public what the Project seeks to achieve, and reach out to potential beneficiaries.

Scope of Work

The Communications / Public Relations Consultant will be responsible for drafting and implementing the communication and publicity strategy of the Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize for Jobs (D4J). He/she will oversee all information circulation concerning the project

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Develop a Communication and Media Plan for the Project and manage the implementation of such plan.
  • Organize monthly meetings with staff on communications.
  • Produce change stories for the D4J Project.
  • Lead in the design of planning events and branding.
  • Providing advice, guidance, and support on planning and implementing internal and external communication efforts to strengthen national awareness of the project.
  • Ensure appropriate communications before, during, and after District, Regional and National events like knowledge sharing meetings, seminars, training, conferences, and special events; and
  • Profile effective media channels, develop a roster of media practitioners, expand contacts with print, audio-visual and social media outlets to enhance coverage, and respond to queries from the media and other external parties.
Expected Output

Progress report on challenges and achievement periodically as well as media and communication output.


The period of the assignment is 6 Months.

Reporting Requirement

Consultant shall act under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of GEA or an appointed Representative and report to the Lead Project Consultant. The Consultant shall be expected to provide periodic reports on activities to the Chief Executive Officer of GEA.

Qualification and Experience of Technical Consultant

This is a National Assignment of utmost importance to GEA so the Consultant must have a solid technical background in communication and knowledge of the SME landscape and operational strength to undertake this work assignment without any hindrances. As such, the following are defined as minimum eligibility criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in languages/linguistics, communications, or other related fields such as Journalism, Public Affairs, Public Relations, or a related field.
  2. 4-5 years of relevant work experience in a similar position.
  3. Fluency in speaking and writing English.
  4. Proven experience and understanding of communications and outreach at the international level, and proven ability to position and advocate for issues effectively.
  5. Experience in various forms of communications production such as publications, Internet communication strategies, and or campaigning.
  6. Demonstrated ability to build and nurture strong relations with the media.
  7. Previous work experience with governments and/or international development agencies would be an asset.
  8. Proven writing, editing, and language skills, and an ability to convey complex ideas in a concise, clear, direct, and lively style.
  9. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills, ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks effectively and efficiently, ability to take initiative, and be innovative.
  10. Working knowledge of relevant computer software such as MS Office, WordPress, Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop, and electronic mail.
Submission of CV

The CV shall be submitted by 12:00 pm/noon (GMT) on Monday, September 12, 2022, in a sealed envelope delivered to Procurement Officer, GEA, and be clearly marked "CV for Communication & Public Relations Consultant for Women SME Innovation Programme – Digitalize For Jobs (D4J)"

Applicants may obtain further information on the requirements including the criteria of shortlisting by applying to, during office hours.

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